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In 2012 a handful of friends gathered for a one-time outing doing random acts of kindness.

There was no "program," and no solid plan. Just a group of ladies ready to share some kindness and a few gifts.

Among that group was a young lady who was newly separated and who  needed a bed. Among that group was also a woman saying she had an extra bed she could have. That same day, the request was made and the need was met.

We had no way of knowing that we were sowing the seeds of "Salina Shares," both in acts of kindness and meeting needs, but things like this continued to happen over and over.  Enough so, that the list of needs coming to us and the circle of friends who were willing to share continued to increase. We named ourselves Salina Shares in 2014.

As founder of Salina Shares, I have the unique opportunity to see each gift that is donated, and the recipients whose needs are met because of them.  This will be a page where we share some of those stories.

Not long ago, a friend gave me a package of size 3 diapers. We don't ordinarily carry baby supplies because there are other agencies in town who specialize in those things. I accepted them gratefully, however, knowing I could find a home for them. The very next day, a woman we had been helping walked through the door pushing a baby in a stroller. To my knowledge, she had 3 children, the youngest of them being 12. She explained that it was her grandson, and you guessed it, he wore size 3 diapers.

Now 8 years into this journey, I can tell you, Salina is a generous community and God's generosity and faithfulness permeates all that we do. We count it a privilege to be able to help people during their time of need or just to be a sudden source of joy for someone who could use a bit of encouragement.


Stay tuned... we'll have plenty of stories to tell!

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